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 We're now active worldwide in all continents. 
Int Law Enforcement Officials & Private & Diplomatic Securities & Community Police & Reserved Police Forces Serving All Nations. 

Ensuring Peace Keeping & Securing All Nations. 

International Police Council - IPC / IPC GLOBAL will serve nationals to ensure Private and Public Services get enough support & protection.






[ Domestic Affairs ]


IPC will actively work with governments in all domestic affairs to be supportive as a part of civil responsibility.

[ Criminal Investigations ]


IPC will investigate matters mostly international crimes beside matters if needs to assist country police or function individually.

[ Fraud ]


All Kind of Frauds IPC will investigate to help govts and law enforcement agencies to protect majorities.

[ Computer Forensics ]


IPC will get trained teams ready for Computer Forensics research to prevent all kind of Cyber Crimes and to help police, courts and govts.

[ Missing Persons ]


IPC will build a force to rapidly act on tracing MISSING PERSONS to help police or families .

[ Surveillance ]


IPC will  monitor behavior, activities, or information for the purpose of influencing, managing or directing in a different locations or environments 

I'm Paul. In my view IPC GLOBAL will 

be many ways helpful to public and private sector through law enforcement

activities, additional security arrangement and commmunity policing.

I'm lynda. I believe International Police Council (I.P.C) will open a door for many to be part of law enforcement agency and will be supportive to all existing police branches and govts and private sectors through reserve police forces and by better securities. 

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